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Are you tired of what's going on right now? Do you want to get involved? There's never been a better time than now to "Get Involved".

It seems like everyone is wanting to do something, but they don't know what exactly to do. Read through the description below and check the ones that you are most interested in doing to help. Then submit the Volunteer Form and someone will reach out to you.


Become the leader in your neighborhood. If all of the neighborhoods in San Gabriel Valley had leaders within their neighborhoods, all of the voters in the San Gabriel Valley will be educated on WHO to vote for. At the present time, we have teams of people who reach as many doors as possible, but there is nowhere near enough community involvement. This position would be used to find other volunteers and teach them how to connect with voters as well as adopting those voters who do not typically show out to vote at a dependable level. Help your neighborhood to help the county.


This position is to stuff bags with Voter Material and/or passing them out to voter's doors. Energetic Street Teams are needed to Distribute Flyers to homes, apartments, shopping centers, informational booths, businesses and special events to help voters know which candidates align with our beliefs.


The San Gabriel Valley Republican registrations have outpaced Democrats every month since May of 2021. If you have ever listened to Conservative Activist, Scott Presler, there is a direct connection between voter registrations and winning of elections. This may seem trivial, but people cannot vote if they are not registered. The team with the most overall registrations does have the BEST chance of winning overall. There are many other mechanisms to ensure voters get out their vote, but it all starts with registering them.


This is a very crucial area. "Buyers Remorse" is a very real thing. How much better off can the county be if the due diligence is done on candidates ahead of time? Things like where their money comes from, who they are connected with, what their background is, what companies or people their spouse is connected with, are all areas of interest. It is good to look into what candidates say they WILL do and hold them to task for what they actually DID. These people are representing "We The People". They need to be the RIGHT people. They need to be people who are making their decisions based on how their constituents are communicating with them. There is so much to research and compile in this area, but the more that is done up front, the better off The San Gabriel Valley will be in the long term. Sometimes candidates look good on the outside, but are nothing but Trojan Horses. This is why researching is so imperative.


What good are elections if they are run incorrectly? This can be from incompetence to intentional. The election integrity team ranges from data analysts to canvassers, there are lawyers and election officials typically involved. If our votes are the absolute most valuable thing that we as people can posses and offer, than they should be protected. Measures should be put in place to ensure they sanctity of each vote. This team focuses in both directions. They are preemptive, in the sense that they are seeing the legislation being proposed or already on the books but is broken. They fight to tighten things up to prevent room for cheating. They are also retroactive, in the notion that they are looking at what has recently taken place and challenging the things that are found to be inauthentic. Maybe you are not an analyst, but you are good with people. The team still needs people willing to knock on doors to ask questions to prove the data correct or incorrect.


This one is simple but important. Yard signs are a great way of showing support for different candidates. There is a very important psychology to seeing these signs out in yards. When you go through your entire neighborhood and see a lot of your favorite candidate in the yards of people, you feel pretty good. When you do not see this, you get deflated. That effect has a rippling effect throughout the area. When people see an over abundant number of one parties candidates, they get overwhelmed and often do not turn out. We believe all people should turn out to vote, but if they choose not to because of an overwhelming amount of support, that isn't our fault.


Door knockers are one of the absolute MOST important positions in campaigns. This can be for specific candidates, or those offering slate cards. Door knockers are a direct touch point to the voter. The best door knockers are the ones who are charismatic and empathetic towards voters. Relating to what their concerns are but moving them towards candidates who best align with their beliefs is the ideal.


Phone calling is one of the best ways to reach a large number of people in a short period of time. You will most likely be calling on behalf of candidates. The MVRC will provide a list of candidates who are best to represent the people. Phone callers can get a quick gauge on the average voter and how they are leaning. The best part of this is that it serves as a survey of what "the people" want. Phone callers can quickly figure out what the voters want to see/hear. They can cover a lot of ground in a very short amount of time. Phone callers can get insight in a very short period of time.


This position is usually held on behalf of the candidate. When candidates want to ensure they are being properly represented at the polling locations, they will pay to have people represent them at certain locations. This role is nearly a silent one. You are at the polling station for the entirety of the day, each day for the voting cycle. You are there to challenge election irregularities. You want to make sure that the workers are not doing anything they shouldn't be doing in an effort to give the other candidate a better chance over your candidate.



Poll workers are the people who are actually working at the polls to help get people checked in as well as assisting with any questions on the process of voting. These People generally have free time during the duration of the early voting through the election day voting. They are not allowed to tell you who you should vote for The idea is to have people of BOTH major political parties represented at the polling locations to ensure everyone stays honest. There are a number of different levels of poll workers depending on if this is your first time, or if you are a seasoned poll worker. All experience levels are wanted for workers, but clerks should be seasoned veterans of the process.


Elections are such an important time. Over the last year a lot of Americans have lost faith in our sacred right to vote. There have been so many things that have taken place that have made us question the sanctity of our vote. Worst of all, some Americans have chosen to no longer vote at all. While the Republican party is often blamed for "voter suppression" we believe that all legal persons should be able to vote. During the elections, we often see too many discrepancies. We see poll workers telling people WHO they should vote for. We see people show up to vote, only to be told that they had already voted. These types of things should be reported. Becoming a notary, you can be part of the legal system of creating transparency in our elections. If voting locations have a number of affidavits signed with repetitive discrepancies, than those locations cannot be certified without a second look into those ballots. You can get qualified to help here.


They say "A picture is worth a thousand words". How much is a video worth? In business it is taught "If you are going to do something, get the mileage out of it". Sometimes people are not able to make all events, capturing the moment is good for those who did get to go, but it's also so much more impactful for those who didn't make it, but wanted to. It is recognized that this is traditionally a higher paid position, but while we are a volunteer organization with a limited budget, we are looking for the people who possess photography and videography skills necessary to "capture the moment". What we absolutely can offer is exposure. Include your watermark logo at the end for free exposure. This position is critical as time goes on. Everything is getting more documented and those who learn to tell the story the best through video/photography will be the ones who ultimately win. Please consider joining our team to help us produce a higher quality product.


There are a number of simple, but time consuming tasks that need to be completed on a weekly basis. The office has one official administrative person. There are a lot of things that need to get done but could be done by anyone. There are classes that are held for new members, or for platform training or candidate training. There is always something that needs to be printed, folded, added to a folder. There are databases that need to be cleaned up, phones that need to be answered. This might not seem like an important job, but if there were people who were able to do these tasks, the admin person would be free to tackle so many more of the specific tasks that are needed on a daily basis.

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