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The following are bios of the local conservative candidates running for State Assembly, State Congressional, U.S. Assembly, and U.S. Congressional races.

If you don't know which district you live in, especially since the

district lines have been re-drawn with California's depopulation,

click on the following link to find your representatives, just enter your address

Michelle Del Rosario Martinez
State Assembly District 41


April Verlato
U. S. Congress District 28


I was born and raised in Arcadia. I received a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from UCLA and a law degree from Southwestern School of Law. I took over my father’s law practice located in the heart of Downtown Arcadia on Huntington Drive in 2000. I continue to practice law in the areas of Personal Injury, Estate Planning, Probate, and Trust Litigation.


I am no stranger to tough battles—I overcame the odds to beat a multi-term incumbent for my seat on city council in 2016 and since then, I have relentlessly fought for Arcadia over the last eight years.


I have demonstrated the ability to bring the community together and lead as a founding member of the Downtown Arcadia Improvement Association. I’ve served as an executive officer on Arcadia Council PTA and Arcadia High School PTSA throughout the years that my children attended public schools in Arcadia.


I was Mayor in 2020 when COVID hit and the Safer At Home orders were issued. Through quick action, I began collecting donations of PPEs, money, and other necessities in order to supply our first responders with the tools they needed to stay safe and have on hand extra supplies for USC Arcadia Keck Hospital. I developed the Arcadia Volunteers Facebook Page in response to the generous outpouring of support for our homebound seniors.


My proudest accomplishment on Arcadia’s City Council came when Arcadia experienced a $9M budget surplus in 2021-2022, right after COVID-19. Through my leadership, a strategic plan to address Arcadia’s unfunded pension liability, which had reached $150M in 2019, was adopted. This plan not only addressed our unfunded pension liability, which is now only $12M, but it also made Arcadia recession-proof during the Pandemic. The Strategic Plan is estimated to save Arcadia nearly $22M over the next 10 years.

Mike Cargile
California State Congress
District 35

Mike Cargile.jpg

Cargile for Congress

I am a husband, a father, an Army veteran, a filmmaker, and an independent small businessman. At a time when crime is rampant, our economy is collapsing and our political leadership violates our Constitutional Rights daily, we need someone to stand for the values that made this nation great. We need an advocate to protect our families, our jobs, and our communities.

I promise that I will never vote for boys in girls’ sports, men in women’s bathrooms, and the sexualization of our children in school. I will never support open borders, human and child trafficking, the flood of fentanyl on our streets, and the loss of jobs held by Americans. I will always oppose sending billions and billions of our tax dollars to our enemies. I will protect the gas in your stoves, the gas in your cars, the price of the food on your table, and the safety of your family.

We need a Representative who will support law enforcement and make our District safe and prosperous once again. We need a Representative who understands our problems and has solutions for them. This district is where my wife and I have raised our kids. This is our home. We have invested our lives here. I want us all to feel safe and secure and I am asking you to allow me to serve our community as your Representative in Congress.

Smile! It’s Cargile!

Nick Wilson
State Assembly
District 53

Nick Wilson 2.jpg

My name is Nick Wilson, I was born and raised in California. Since then, I have been a resident of District 53 and deeply connected to the community. I am not a politician, nor do I come from a political family. I am a husband with a loving and supportive wife, and the proud father to an amazing 8-year-old son.

I served as a police officer for 13 years before medically retiring due to injuries sustained in the line of duty. I have dedicated my life to public service.

After retiring from law enforcement, I founded The Resiliency Project, a nonprofit organization that focuses on first responder mental health and suicide prevention. Additionally, I am the CEO of a public safety training and consulting company, where I work to enhance the mission and operations of the law enforcement community. As an instructor (California P.O.S.T.), I draw on my experience and expertise to train law enforcement personnel across the state and country.

As a non-politician, I will bring a fresh perspective and a sincere dedication to representing your interests and concerns. I believe that, with your support and involvement, we can make a real difference and forge a path towards progress and prosperity for all.

My mission is to bring the change that District 53 has been promised.


It’s time to save California together.

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