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Legislative Report

California Legislative Review

 Here is a full status of the 78 California bills we are following this legislative session:

and the over 70 bills we followed that were either signed or vetoed last calendar year.

·  Items with asterisk * or */ have changed from prior week.

·  N denotes new additions (8) to this list since early January

·  T denotes new or more taxes/fee (25). 

.  Double asterisk ** I consider very important. 

' Hsng/Hmls denotes futile attempts by Sacramento to create affordable housing for poor and/or homeless

·   O denotes overreach, issues outside purview of state

·   Good denotes good bills! (10) (very few good ones) but still stuck in committee.  

'  Those bills that have been signed or vetoed are listed separately

If you need more explanation on a specific bill, email Hayden Lening, MVRC Legislative Chair at

I encourage you to voice your opinion to the appropriate parties  Even inactive bills can be revitalized. 

T: VARIOUS BILLS IN PROCESS, related to taxes/fees:  -still 22 pending

T-ACA2 Yearly 3% all tax revenue to Water & wildlife fund- to Natural Resource comm 4/20/23

T-**ACA3 Allows legislature to impose a Wealth Tax on all Californians-to Revenue &Tax comm as of 3/30/23

T-ACA11 Establish state tax agency in lieu of Bd of Equalization-to Rev & Tax comm 6/27/23

*T-**AB238 Taxpayers to pay pre-teachers to study through a grant- in Senate inactive file 9/7/23

T-AB241 Extend smog abatement fee and increase yearly cost-to inactive file 9/14/23

*T-**AB247 $14 BILLION bond for K-12 schools-in Senate Appropriation comm 9/1/23

*T-N**AB259 Wealth tax for those with over $50 million in assets- in Rev+Tax comm 3/30/23


T-AB270 Campaign money from state taxes- see SB24- in Senate Appropriations comm 6/14/23

T**AB362 Feasibility study for land value tax kills Prop 13- to Rev & Tax comm 4/11/23

*T-AB518 Expanded medical leave to care for "partners"- to inactive file 9/13/23

T-AB702 More funding for CBO programs for youthful offenders on parole- to Public Safety comm 1/4/24

T-**AB886 Internet to be fined for taking newspaper advertising- stalled in Senate Judicial comm 7/7/23

   Similar bill died in U.S. Congress

T-AB1254 Automatic pay raises for some firefighters- in Senate Appropriations comm under submission 9/1/23

T-AB1510 $5 BILLION bond to also fight fentanyl addiction-in Senate Government comm 7/13/23

T-AB1532 Converts empty offices into unhoused housing- still in Natural Resources com 3/23/23 (high conversion cost)

T-**AB1567 $16 BILLION bond for water preservation & climate change- in Senate Gov comm 6/14/23

T-**AB1690 Universal health care for all Californians-not yet heard in committee 2/18/23

*T**N-AB1783 Remove MediCal funding for all illegals- ready for comm assign 1/4/24


*T-N-AB1803 Restitution for victims of human trafficking- ready for comm 1/8/24

T- SB24 Campaign money from state taxes- see AB270- in Assembly Appropriations comm 7/6/23

T-SB245 CalFresh benefits for illegal seniors- in Assembly Human Safety comm 6/20/23

T-SB532 (Weiner) Gutted to 4-year increases in toll fees San Francisco- in Assy Appropriations comm 8/23/23

T-**-SB584 Tax Airbnb's and similar short term rentals an extra 15%- in Assembly Revenue & Tax comm 6/29/23

T-**-SB867 $15 BILLION bond for water preservation & climate change- in Assy Natural Resources comm 7/6/23

Housing/Homeless Bills in process related to housing- 6 still pending

**ACA10 State & local governments must promote housing for all-to Appropriations comm as of 6/7/23

AB68 Streamline housing approvals ignoring existing laws-still in Housing comm 4/17/23

AB1532 Converts empty offices into housing for unhoused- still in Natural Resources committee 3/23/23

*SB7 Force cities to have homeless as part of housing plan- in Approp comm 1/12/24

SB742 Mandate for cities to provide housing assistance- still in Housing comm 3/1/23

O: BILLS IN PROCESS, related to government overreach!  -still many pending

**ACA4 Allows incarcerated felons to vote- to inactive file 9/14/23

*/**ACA7 Preferential treatment for minorities of all types(Affirmative Action)- in Senate Rules comm 9/12/23

**ACA9 After January 2027 governor will appoint Superintendent of Public Instruction with no vote by the people of California- still in Elections committee as of 4/27/23

SCA1 Successor for recalled official must wait for special election- ready for floor vote 9/6/23

**SCA2 Reduce voting age to 17- ready for floor vote 9/5/23

SCA7 Right to organize in a union- in Employment comm 6/26/23

Good**Initiative to give back control on housing to local governments -being circulated

*Bad Campaign for a Safe & Healthy California-being circulated

*Good*Calif Home Ownership Affordability act-being circulated

Good**(TPA) All additional taxes at any government level must be approved by 2/3 vote-ready for 2024 vote- being appealed to 11th circuit court to eliminate from ballot.


AB55 Reduces Medicare payment for transport to $350- still under submission in Approp 5/18/23

AB233 Horse excrement removal by owner/rider-to inactive file 9/7/23

AB262 (Holden) Committee for children's camp firearm safety-to inactive file 9/11/23

AB280 (Holden) Limits on solitary confinement- to inactive file 9/14/23

AB310 Renames CalFresh from welfare-to-work into "Family assistance" program- to Senate Human Services 6/27/23

**AB460 State Water Board OK to issue "interim" decries on usage- still in Senate Water comm 6/27/23

AB642 Creates standards for using facial recognition-vs.AB1034- still in Approp comm under submission 5/18/23

AB742 Restrict use of dogs for capture or crowd control by police- inactive file of Senate 5/31/23

-AB1000 Prohibits warehousing within 1000 of residences/schools(see AB1748 for IE)- to Local Gov comm  1/10/24

AB1034 Prevents use of facial recognition by any official until 2027-  vs. AB642- to inactive file 9/11//23

AB1094 No drug/alcohol testing for pregnant women- stuck in Health comm 3/2/23

AB1206 Keeps voter roles using ERIC vs. EPIC LA used-still under submission in Appropriations comm 5/18/23

**AB1337 State OK to control diversion of water for public use- in Senate Water comm 7/10/23

**AB1352 Prohibits school boards from removing LGBTQ or woke literature & instruction- to Senate Education comm after revision 6/28/23

AB1476 Imminent domain restored for counties & cities -still in Appropriations comm 4/27/23

AB1595 Allows incarcerated prisoners to vote- see ACA4- in Assembly inactive file 6/1/23


AB1724 Reduce state sales tax by 1% for 1 year- held under submission in Rev & Tax comm 5/1/23

AB1748 Prohibits warehousing within 300 feet of residences/schools IE only- still in Appropriations comm 5/17/23


-N**AB1796 Notify parents yearly of all classes ciriculum- ready for comm 1/5/24

*SB8 Must have expensive gun insurance and display in home- stuck in Assy Insurance comm since 12/18/23

SB24 Campaign money from state taxes- see AB270- in Assembly Appropriations comm 7/6/23

SB50 "Discriminatory" No stop by officers for "low level" infractions- to inactive file 9/14/23

SB94 (Cortese/Weiner) Prison inmates can petition after 25 years to negate life in prison sentence- to inactive file 9/14/23

SB252 Restricts CalPers/CalStrs investors from doing so in fossil fuels- still in Assembly Public Employee comm 6/8/23

SB409 Videos in voter guide for candidates- in Assembly Approp comm 9/1/23

**SB537 Local cross-county agencies meet without posted agenda or access- to inactive file 9/14/23 see also SB544 (below)

*SB549 Outlaw banking games in  cardrooms-in Gov Org comm 1/4/24


SB637 Banks to discriminate against gun dealers-to Rules comm 9/14/23 

*SB838 Victim compensation for use of force even when needed by authorities- in Approp comm 1/12/24



*ACA12 Homicide for repeat fentanyl dealers- corrected version ready for committee 7/14/23 

**SCA3 Legal Analyst prepares wording on props, not Atty General- to Appropriations comm under submission 9/1/23

**SCA4 Eliminate reassessment of property after death -rejected with reconsideration as of 5/10/23

Bad news**AB13 Eliminates vote by mail to all Californians except disabled-refused reconsideration 3/20/23

*/**AB46 Excludes taxes for military pensions- still in senate Appropriations comm 9/1/23


*AB257 No camping, shelters, squatting within 500' of school or daycare-still in Public Safety comm 1/4/24


AB335 "gutted" to remove stipulation regarding $950 not a felony- under submission in Approp comm 5/18/23

**AB1314 Mandate to notify parents of trans-gender prone children within 3 days- in Education comm 8/24/23 (Chino school district passed it for their area,)  (Orange Unified passed it for their area.) (Placentia/Yorba Linda passed it for their area) maybe more can do the same.

*SB44 Homicide charges in death cases for fentanyl dealers- failed passage in Public Safety comm to Sect State to csl 11/29/23

*/**SB292 Parental choice on taxed school funds-failed-passage-in-Gov&Finance-comm  1/10/24



*T-N**MediCal exemption for all illegals 26-49 added to existing exemptions for 0-26 & 50 plus- added in spite of no Fed coverage.


*Bad"(Prop-tba)"Responsible Hotel Ordinance" to open rooms for homeless for 1 day at a time- ready for 2024 vote


**T-SBX1-2 Fine oil companies for "price gouging" -signed by Newsom 3/29/23

**T-ACA1(Prop tbd) Allows communities & counties to levy added taxes for homeless- chartered to Sect of State for Mar 2024 vote 9/20/23

*T-**ACA13(Prop tbd) Change to simple majority approval on local tax bills- Chaptered by Sect of State for Mar 2024 vote 11/2/23


*Good**CA Oil & Gas Well Regs Referendum to kill SB1137/2022- ready for Mar 2024 vote


**AB5 1 hour per year training in LGBTQ "culture" for all teachers- signed by governor 9/25/23

*N-AB12 Prohibits landlord from charging more than 1 month for security deposit- signed by gov 10/11/23


**T-AB28 Extra 11% tax on guns and ammo adding to 11% already in place- signed by governor 9/26/23

AB42 Allows "sleeping cabins" for homeless without fire extinquisers- signed by governor 10/10/23

AB91 Non-resident citizens within 45 miles of border eligible for resident fees & tuition- signed by governor 10/13/23

**AB103 State budget for 20243/4 including infrastructure and tax breaks for movie makers- signed by governor 6/30/23

**T-N-AB126 Extend "temporary" vehicle fees to 2035 representing $214 MILLION in extra taxes- signed by governor 10/7/23

T-AB278 High school dream centers excludes charter schools- chartered to Sect of State for Mar vote 9/20/23

AB309 Creates CA Housing Authority committee- vetoed by governor 10/7/23

AB316 Add driver to AI trucks- vetoed by gov 9/23/23

*AB323 Special housing exemptions for non-profits including churches- signed by the governor 10/11/23

*AB349 Allows state or locals to rent vacant property in Highland for homeless "services"- signed by governor 10/7/23

AB421 Yes/No wording on propositions & harder to qualify initiatives for the ballot- signed by the governor 9/8/23


AB443 Commission to define biased conduct for peace officers- signed by governor 10/8/23

*AB446 Mandatory teaching of cursive in grads 1-6- signed by governor 10/13/23


AB469 Neutral arbitrator for transparency issues government vs. people- vetoed by governor 10/7/23

*T-N**AB531(now Prop 1) Bond issue 6 BILLION for homeless housing- signed by governor 10/12/23

T-N-AB645 Install speed cameras to automatically mail citations to offenders- signed by governor  10/13/23

AB659 Mandatory HPV vaccine for possibly cancerous warts in children before 8th grade- signed by governor 10/13/23

*AB665 (Carillo/Weiner) Children can be treated for mental problems without parental consent -signed by governor 10/7/23

T-AB695 Grant for $1 BILLION to upgrade juvenile detention facilities & add new ones- vetoed by governor 10/8/23

AB721 Allow school districts to NOT publish notices in newspapers, use internet- signed by governor 10/13/23

AB732 ADA Prosecutors to take guns of convicted gun owners ordered to forfeit- signed by gov 9/26/23 

AB783 Mark "all gender" toilets in businesses- signed by governor 9/25/23

*AB785 Waives CEQA requirements for youth & young adults homeless housing in Los Angeles County- signed by governor 10/10/23

*AB873 Distinguishing "fake news" from reality in K-12 as taught by regressive teachers- signed by governor 10/13/23


T-AB881 $100 per day to "low income" jurors- vetoed by governor 10/8/23

**AB957 (Weiner) Custodial parents must affirm child's sexual preference- vetoed by governor 9/22/23

**AB969 Eliminates count of ballots in precinct vs. registered voters- signed by  governor 10/4/23

*AB976 With AB1033 limits local ability to limit granny flats and forces long term rentals- signed by governor 10/11/23

**AB994 Jail bookings by declared name&sex- signed by governor 9/25/23

AB1033 Granny flat owners can sell without main house owners' approval- signed by governor 10/11/23 (see also AB976 used in conjunction}

**AB1078 Schools must use "diverse state" books in class, can't ban unless- signed by governor 9/26/23

T-AB1136 Surcharge of $1 on tickets for Mixed Martial Arts Retirement fund- signed by governor  10/8/23

AB1226 (Haney/Weiner) Move inmates to prisons closer to family- signed by governor 7/21/23

**T-AB1228 (Holden) "gutted" to establish Government "Fast Food Council" controlling wages, ($20) benefits & firing- signed by gov 9/28/63

*/**N-AB1248 Independent commision for redistricting large cities & counties- vetoed by gonernor 10/7/23

*N**AB1287 Authorizes density bonuses for ction of low income housing- signed by governor 10/11/23


AB1306 Stop notification of illegal alien release from prison- vetoed by governor 9/22/23

*AB1373 PUC & local entities can negotiate with out-of-state electricity companies- signed by governor 10/7/23

T-AB1385 Added 1/2% sales tax for transportation in Riverside County- signed by governor  10/8/23

AB1432 Insurance companies must cover abortion & gender-affirming care- vetoed by governor 10/7/23

*T**AB1536 Benefits for illegals, aged, blind & disabled- vetoed by governor 10/8/23

*AB1572 No watering of "non*funcional turf.  signed by governor 10/13/23

*AB1604 Further restrict charter schools- vetoed by governor 10/7/23

*T-**AB1607 More taxes for homeless generated by another special committee- signed by governor 10/10/23

*N-AB1633 Limit local abuse of CEQA rules to limit housing-  signed by governor  10/11/23

*T**AB1679 An additional 0.5% sales tax in LA County for homeless support- signed by governor  10/10/23

*/**SB2 (Portantino) Prohibit carry of firearms in public- signed by gov 9/26/23- on hold by court order pending appeal

*SB4 (Weiner) Promotes massive urban housing- signed by governor 10/11/23

SB14 Child trafficking a felony for 3 strikes- signed by governor 9/25/23

*SB43 (Eggman/Weiner) Assign conservator & facility to mentally/drugged individual- signed by governor 10/10/23

*/**SB52 Independent commision for redistricting in all large cities- vetoed by governor 10/7/23- recalled by state senate for possible veto override.

*SB54 Mandated reporting from venture capital groups on diversity of investors- signed by gov 10/8/23

**SB58 (Weiner) Legalize many hallucinogenic drugs formerly banned- vetoed by governor 10/7/23

*N-SB91 Extend waiver of environmental laws for low income housing to 2030- signed by governor 10/10/23


T**SB133 "Access to Justice Commission" appointed by governor & funded by our tax dollars- signed by governor 6/30/23

SB244 Mfg must supply parts & docs for 3 or 7 years- signed by governor 10/10/23

SB253 (Weiner) Yearly greenhouse gas emissions report from large companies- signed by gov 10/7/23

*SB274 Class suspension of students for "willful defiance" only 1 or 2 days- signed by gov 10/8/23

*T-N**SB326(now Prop 1) $36 MILLION to add drug rehab to mental health program in many counties- signed by governor 10/11/23

T*SB335 Raise local taxes in Santa Clara & Ventura counties- signed by governor 10/7/23

SB345 Replace "unborn child" with "fetus" and protect from suing- signed by governor 9/27/23

*SB365 (Weiner) Allow litigation to continue to courts without arbitration option- signed by governor 10/10/23

*AB374 Allows food, drinks & live music in marijuana retailers while consuming cannabis- vetoed by governor 10/8/23

**SB385 Train physician assistants not doctors for performing abortions- signed by governor 9/8/23

**SB389 Senate version of AB1337 on control of water diversion- signed by governor 10/8/23

SB407 (Weiner) Foster parents must be "agreeable" to accept trans-gender children- signed by governor 9/25/23

*/**SB411 (Portantino) Neighborhood councils without in-person access- signed by governor 10/8/23   see also SB537 & SB544 

*/**SB423 (Weiner) Makes multi-family dwellings a priority for community- signed by governor  10/11/23

T-SB447 (Atkins/Newsulini) Remove travel restrictions & fund national LGBTQ "Campaign for Democracy"- signed by governor 9/13/23 

*SB509 (Portantino) Training school staff and 40% of students in mental health concerns- vetoed by governor 10/13/23

**SB525 Increase minimum wage for "underpaid" health care workers to $25- signed by governor 9/26/23

*SB544 Committees only have to publish agenda on day of meeting- signed by governor 9/23/23 see also SB411 & SB537

**SB553 Employees can't stop looting in stores- signed by governor 9/30/23

SB567 Cap on rent increases to 5%- signed by governor 9/30/23

*SB596 (Portantino) Harassment of school official is misdemeanor- vetoed by governor 10/8/23 -recalled to Senate for possible veto override

*T**SB616 Extend paid sick leave from3 to 5 days- signed by governor 10/4/23

SB627 Employer expanded notification & relocation for chain workers losing jobs- vetoed by governor  10/8/23

*N-SB684 Local agencies must approve parcel maps for new housing- signed by governor 10/11/23

*/**SB702 Mandates diversity reporting of all state boards & commissions by state on web site for all to see- vetoed by governor 10/8/23- back to Senate for possible override of veto 10/8/23

*N**SB713 Authorizes override of local laws covering housing density- signed by govnr 10/11/23


**SB760 K-12 schools must have at least 1 gender neutral bathroom- signed by governor 9/25/23

*T-N**SB770 (Weiner) Unified (universal) healthcare financing system with Fed-signed by governor 10/7/23


*T**SB799-(Portantino/Weiner/Holden) Unemployment funds OK after 2 weeks on strike- vetoed by governor 9/30/23- back to Senate for possible override of veto 9/30/23

**SB857 LGBTQ supportive policies in schools- signed by governor 9/25/23

T-SB862 Raise taxes in Santa Cruz counties- signed by governor 9/30/23

AB/SB 19 other gun bills signed by gov-9/26/23


106 other bills not on the list signed by Newsom 10/7/23

123 other bills not on the list signed by Newsom 10/8/23

78 other bills not on the list signed by Newsom 10/10/23

100 other bills not on the list signed by Newsom 10/13/23

38 other bills not on the list vetoed by Newsom 10/7/23

61 other bills not on the list vetoed by Newsom 10/8/23

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