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MONDAY, MARCH 11, 2024
IMAGINE THAT: 1318 W 9th St. Suite C, Upland
or call & leave a message (909) 305-3717 
Dinner Reservations $30/non-members; $25/members
March Dinner:  Corned Beef Dinner & Potluck Dessert
(Please let us know if you can bring a dessert when you RSVP.)
Check or cash at the door.
Annual dues were due in January.
Please Bring a Friend!

Dear Members,


Thank you all who attended our February meeting, provided constructive feedback and signed up to volunteer! Below is a consolidation of your suggestions along with MVRC's plans to incorporate them!




We can all do our part in this area. Bring a friend to the next meeting and sign up to volunteer together! We will continue to have volunteer sign-up sheets at future meetings as we need everyone's involvement.

Help us network more with other organizations: students, minorities, churches, family values & parent groups. A great suggestion: "Adopt Your City: City Teams" will help us connect with your community groups and communicate our messages.

Thanks to new volunteers, we are enhancing communications through a variety of social media. We will also post reminders to check voter status several months prior to the election. We will continue to invite speakers to address current state and national issues. Upcoming speaker topics include immigration and the economy. We are bringing back Epoch Times associates in the very near future. Also, we are committed to find a speaker to "unravel" the measures on the fall ballot.


Voter Services:


We are beginning to investigate our General Election headquarters, which should open a few months before the November election. Please try to plan vacations spring through early summer. We will need volunteers for July 4 & other city outreach events, frequent rallies, and getting out the vote!

Above mentioned "City Teams" are a great way to increase voter registration through local DMV offices, Farmers Markets, churches, and other organizations within your communities.

We will have LA & SB county Voter Guides in print and electronic format, and we will need lots of headquarters volunteers to help distribute them. We will train lead volunteers on the use of precinct apps for walking and phoning, but not all volunteers need to know the apps. Through our connections with election integrity groups, we continue to advocate for paper ballots, one-day elections, proof of ID which is currently required for first-time voters.




Thank you to those who volunteered to help set up the meetings, the dessert table, and clean up after the meetings.

We also wish to thank the owner of Imagine That, who provides a package of room & catering. He rescued our club when we were very suddenly informed that our previous location was no longer available to us. James is a conservative man of God, supports conservative causes, and is flexible depending upon our needs. MVRC recently purchased a new, very effective microphone; and we are learning how it best functions with the venue's system.




Among our new volunteers is our new Fundraising Chair! We are collaborating on ideas for merchandise to be sold at upcoming events, from new shirt designs to jewelry etc.

Heads up! Save the date...Unite IE conference is 4/7 in Ontario again this year. The flyer will be emailed soon. MVRC will have a vendor table there.

Let us know if you want to join the fundraising committee, and feel free to offer suggestions. Some suggestions we received include having a deal with a restaurant for a % of their sales when a MVRC flyer is presented on a given day. Others included continuing events such as the Super Bowl and our monthly 50/50.

John M. W. Moorlach ran unsuccessfully for Treasurer-Tax Collector in 1994 but would become a significant personality in Orange County because of predicting the then-largest municipal bankruptcy filing in United States history. He would be appointed to replace the disgraced incumbent, serving in the position from 1995 to 2006, where he assisted in the County's exiting from Chapter 9 bankruptcy and restoring the department and its reputation. He then successfully ran for Orange County Supervisor, serving from 2006 to 2015, and the State Senate for the 37th District from 2015 to 2020. John currently writes a regular op ed for The Epoch Times, co-hosts the KLCS PBS show "OC History Hunters," and serves as the Director for the Center for Public Accountability for the California Policy Center.







Virtue signaling is the act of expressing a viewpoint, often in a pretentious manner, with the intent of displaying morality and communicating good character. Wikipedia


We have heard it said over and over on our daily conservative news programs. But how do you know it when you see or hear it?

Recently, I found out exactly what it means. I was making political supportive phone calls to encourage residents to vote for Julia Panasiti who is running for San Dimas City Council. Among the number of favorable aspects, one of them was that Julia wants to combat the growing homelessness situation, especially as it pertains to the Gold Line Expansion underway. One of the residents I called expressed outrage, insinuating that I was demeaning the homeless population in our community. When she asked me what the concerns were, I mentioned that many are concerned about them bringing in their drug and alcohol addictions, crime and mental illness. To this she retorted that residents who live here have those same problems. I have to admit I was shocked, caught off guard and was lost for words. At first my thoughts ran, “am I really a xenophobic unsympathetic and callous individual with no concern for the homeless in our community”?

And then I realized for the 1st time that I have been made a victim of VIRTUE SIGNALING. This woman resident attempted to draw a sharp contrast to her moral high ground insinuating that I was less of a compassionate human being because of my real concerns for our community, as if I had zero concern for the homeless in our community.

In fact, she described my concerns as being “disgusting”. That is when it hit me that this must be a classic case of Virtue Signaling.


To be clear, I regularly contribute financially to homeless shelters, befriend them when an opportunity presents itself and have donated food and clothing to a homeless individual I have been acquainted with.

There are very sound reasons why our community should be concerned with the advent of the Gold Line and how many homeless will leave the confines of Tent City in Los Angeles and migrate to our suburban communities. I have already heard of homelessness crime pervading my neighbors. The truth is that this suburban migration is neither in the best interests of the homeless individuals or our community. The city would be more than happy to “sweep this problem under the rug” so to

speak, instead of dealing with the real problem of rehabilitation,

adequate housing and providing employment skills needed by these unfortunate homeless individuals.

So pay attention to knowing and understanding virtue signaling when you see or hear it. Examples include:

Against Illegal immigration? – You are a racist.

Against the LGBT+ Agenda? – You are a homophobe.

Against abortion? - You want to deprive women of their reproductive rights.

Against Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)? – You are an arrogant white supremacist.

I could go on and on but I think you get the picture by now.

Be alert, stand your ground and learn to recognize it when you see it.

Then call it out for what it is. Disgusting!


We Must Prevail


“The empowerment of standing up for your beliefs and self-determination is its own reward; truth to oneself has no equal”. Carolyn L. Gonzales


Seven months until the 2024 election. Each day is an opportunity gained, or an opportunity lost. Time does not stop. We are on a mission, the most important undertaking of our lifetime. We must not fail.

Today, there is great controversy over the fate of former President Donald J. Trump. This controversy was created by the Democratic Party to specifically stop President Trump from winning a second term.

In the history of America, never has a former President been attacked with such animosity. Never before have judges and prosecutors openly stated in their campaigns and speeches that they would destroy a former President.

Is this his fight alone? No. The wrath and hatred focused on Donald Trump is the same wrath and hatred for us, the MAGA Republicans. Trump is fighting for not only his life, but ours as well. He is fighting for America.

We see the changes Biden has made and the dictatorial edicts he has implemented. He talks about “preserving our democracy”, while he implements the ideals of Communism. He claims the economy is robust, as we all pay more for groceries, gas, utilities, etc. He now states he will close the border if Congress gives him the money to do so; he forgets, he opened the border with a pen and an executive order, he can close it just as easily.


This is the moment for Republicans. Ethnic groups are pulling away from the Democrat party, especially in light of the massive number of illegal aliens and the “privilege” extended to them and not to American citizens (money, cell phones, housing, cash, etc.) The American people are suffering, they

see a President who has forgotten them and embraces foreigners, no vetting, no qualifying. Foreigners, MILLIONS of them.

In wake of the verdict in New York City, and the huge fine for a "crime" that had no victims, no malintent, and the financial institutions named attested they would again finance him, where was the crime? The crime my friends was: Trump is a Republican, who has the hearts and loyalty of millions of

people. The Democratic Judge and Prosecutor did not seek justice, they sought political revenge.


They fear him. They fear his power and the allegiance of his supporters. Truckers are refusing to deliver loads to NYC in protest; Real Estate companies are advising not to invest in property in NYC, Business owners and Corporations are questioning Governor Horchel, stating their concern that what was done to Trump could also be done to them. Trump emerged the martyr that he is.


“Losing your way on a journey is unfortunate. But losing your reason for the journey is a fate more cruel.” H. G. Wells.

We must remain resolute in our support of President Trump. We must never lose our reason for fighting, for standing up. We must persevere, and we must prevail.

God bless you all.


Carolyn Gonzales


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