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To those who attended the July meeting, one of our members is missing a small canvas bag with important personal information inside. If you have any information, please email



Like many of you, we celebrated Independence Day with a barbeque and dear friends. However, this Independence Day was a bit different. This July 4th, there were 4 couples who took turns in reading a part of the actual and entire Declaration of Independence. It was quite the experience. You can google it and print it out for your review. The first thing that may surprise you is how eerily similar the charges and hardships that were being addressed to the British monarch are very similar to what we are experiencing today by the “White House Monarch."

Secondly, it reminds us of the many sacrifices that were made by the 56 signers who put their very lives and fortunes at risk in signing this Declaration which was presented to the King of England. These 56 signers included 25 lawyers, 11 merchants, 9 large plantation owners, 1 teacher, 1 musician and 1 printer and some others. Five signers were captured by the British and brutally tortured as traitors, and 9 fought in the Revolutionary War and died from wounds or other suffered hardships.

Two signers lost their sons in the war, 2 additional sons were captured and tortured, and at least a dozen had their homes pillaged and burned to the ground. You can research and find out more about what each individual signer suffered by clicking on this Hillsdale College link.


Why is this important? Because in today’s environment, many of us must also take risks necessary to voice our opinions and concerns regarding such matters as the legitimacy of the 2020 election results, the threat to our children with respect to Critical Race Theory, the

Education endorsed the transgender movement and the origination of the Covid 19 virus. Because people rightfully decided to voice their concerns about these issues, many have been physically harmed, fired from their jobs, and unconstitutionally imprisoned such as the January 6th participants.

Those who have made their voices heard in spite of the real threat to themselves and their hard-earned fortunes can stand alongside the brave signers who gave up all they have to secure the freedoms that we are still fighting for today from our own “White House Monarch”.

We will never rest, we will never give up, we will overcome the despotic mandates made by an unscrupulous government. Each time we celebrate our nation’s independence, let this be a stark reminder to you. Many difficult sacrifices were made then and those sacrifices still have to be made to preserve the American way of life that have all come to love and cherish. In 1776 freedom had a price, and in 2023 freedom still has a price; how much are we willing to sacrifice to preserve that freedom for ourselves and our children?


Current President's Message

Jack’s message hit home...

“How much are WE willing to sacrifice to

preserve that freedom for ourselves and our children?”


We can never match the sacrifices made by our founding fathers, but we can stand up for TRUST & JUSTICE in our time. Given the current environment, we must also take risks to voice our concerns: talk to others in our neighborhoods, put signs in our yard, wear a shirt or hat or carry a bag with a message that makes voters think and engage in meaningful conversation.

Our new shopping bags:

Bidenflation: The esult of Misinformed Voting and

Don't Target My Kids are designed for this purpose.

Through our inspiring guest speakers and our shared thirst for knowledge, we are empowering ourselves with the truth; and need to take more action.


Here are some recent successes from MVRC Members:

  • We celebrated the July 7 Gascon Recall press release, and we thanked our MVRC members who have been volunteering


  • We joined together to rally against the planned detention centers in La Verne & successfully argued against housing “juveniles” (up to age 26) in inadequately secure facilities within our communities.


  • Our members rallied and spoke out passionately at city council meetings out of concern over a planned housing project for the homeless right next to a preschool in La Verne/San Dimas. As a result, the project has been revised to house seniors who have fallen into homelessness. This population has been recently growing as housing costs have gone up.


  • Our members have also protested the Claremont Larkin Park homeless project, poorly placed next to a youth park, senior communities, school, etc. We have held rallies, written letters, spoken out at council meetings, and engaged Supervisor Barger. Similarly, the result appears to be that the applicants will be limited to seniors, which is more appropriate since there are senior lunch and senior memory care programs next door. We need to stay vigilant and ensure this policy promise is correctly implemented!


  • In Claremont's special election for school board, MVRC knocked on every door in District 4 and called Republicans to remind them to vote. Our candidate lost this round, but be assured we are gaining ground!


We ARE winning and making a difference…one mandate/issue at a time!

There is more to be done.

Are you aware that only 50% of Los Angeles County Republicans vote? San Bernardino County Republicans voter turnout isn't much better. In addition to election integrity efforts, we need to get Republicans out to vote!!!

The 2024 election is closer than you think. California primary, (which is more accurately a general election due to the Top 2 rule), is March 5! Republican candidates are applying and being vetted. MVRC is planning a candidate forum for early 2024. In the meantime, we need to know the issues, gather our courage to help inform the misinformed, and organize to get all Republicans out to vote! We are organizing the Patriot Precinct Project in our AD/neighborhood and will be looking for volunteers...very soon!


As you've heard before but is truer now,

This is the most important election of our lifetime!


Membership & Reservations

The past couple of years has been a maze for us all, trying to navigate COVID issues, rising inflation, and change of venue.  MVRC invested in our headquarters and get out the vote for the 2022 election; now we need to build back our reserves in preparation for the 2024 election!


Dues are due in January of each year. Please be prepared to renew your dues on a pro-rated basis so that, moving forward from 2024, all members renew each year in January.

Dues have not increased for many years, however, dinner meeting costs have gone up $5.

While we try to keep the cost of our dinner meetings as low as possible, we have had to raise it to $25/members & $30 for non-members. A recent survey showed most members want a dinner venue that is close to the center of our club community.


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Jack Mercica
Past President's Message


Let’s Work Together to Make Things Better!

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