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1318 W 9th St, Upland





Call:  (909) 305-3717 or email:
Dinner Reservations $30/non-members; $25/members
Check or cash at the door. See memo below.


President’s Message:


Yes, that is the name of our new venue at 1318 W 9th St, Upland.

We have truly been blessed

to have this new venue for our meetings.

The November meeting will be Monday, November 14.

From now on we will meet on the second Monday of each month.


Many thanks to all of you wonderful volunteers. The MVRC members are notorious for volunteer involvement and dedication.

We all have different gifts of service.

Please continue to share your gifts for a great cause!


As for you, brothers, do not grow weary in doing good. "

2 Thessalonians 3:13


If you have a Recall Gascon hat or shirt, time to dust it off and wear it with pride. If anyone suggests that the recall effort is over, you can (politely) educate them. The review of invalidated signatures is uncovering serious flaws in the Registrar’s process, and the errors could very well overturn the “failed” Gascon recall!

  • After reviewing a sample of 2% of the invalidated signatures, they have found a 39% error rate! The campaign needs to document 21% of the failed signatures are valid in order to WIN the recall! So, this is looking good!

  • They are finding “obvious and legitimate challenges” of invalidated signatures. Some are rejected as “not registered” when the person was a registered voter. Other signers signed multiple times but not one was validated. These and other processing errors are being uncovered.


The Recall Committee filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles County Registrar-recorder/county clerk, seeking “expanded access and additional information necessary to conduct a meaningful review" of invalidated signatures. If you have ever wanted to be a sleuth, now’s your opportunity. The committee will be needing more volunteers! Some of us have been working on this several days a week, 9:00-4:00, in Norwalk. It is truly fascinating and … and with dedication and prayers we could successfully recall Gascon.


Since this will trigger a special election to replace George Gascon, we need to know the candidates who intend to run. One such potential candidate, Deputy District Attorney John McKinney, is this month’s keynote speaker. He will be discussing public safety Issues, particularly as they relate to the policy of not enforcing laws, followed by Q & A! 


Sunny Kutcher will represent the Recall Committee staff to answer all questions relative to the status of the recall committee's lawsuit & volunteering for this worthy cause. 


Remember, even if you live across the county line, criminals cross those lines. We are in this together!





McKinney is one of several Deputy District Attorneys who have been

demoted because of speaking out against Gascon.


Click Link to McKinney on Fox News



McKinney has over 24 years of experience in the LA DA’s office and has prosecuted some of the most difficult cases in the county as a member of the Major Crimes Division. McKinney represents a return to balanced leadership that ensures public safety while also bringing compassion to the criminal justice system. John has emerged as a central public figure opposing Gascón’s policies. Given his experience, compelling and engaging communication skills, backing from line prosecutors, and being reflective of the diverse communities of Los Angeles County, John McKinney is positioned as one of the potential candidates to run against Gascón in 2024 and win.


Sunny is on staff with the Recall Gascon Committee, coordinating the effort to verify the falsely invalidated Gascon Recall petition signatures. She will share with us what is being done, give us an update on the positive outlook for this project, and answer questions about what we can do to help!

Jack's Corner


Like many of you I have labored through many elections, both primary

and national. And like me perhaps you have seen many

disappointments. I understand that in Los Angeles County alone there

are over 3 million registered Democrats and less than 1 million

registered Republicans. That is a hard fact to reckon with. And that

does not even take into account the massive fraud that takes place

both state and nationwide.

Yet I understand that just like ALL Republicans do not always vote,

neither do ALL Democrats. And I have been told that if the vast majority

of Republicans did vote we improve our winning potential

tremendously. As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once we remarked, WE

WILL OVERCOME. And yes we can. We can never let past

disappointments discourage us from pursuing election integrity in our

elections and motivating our conservative Christians to vote, regardless

of their political stripes.

Personally I can live with a disappointing outcome IF THE ELECTION IS

FAIR. Fair also means the absence of pervasive media bias with fake

news and corporate donors trying to buy election results.

If my fellow Americans and Californians truly want a communistic

government, I can always leave. Everyone has an equal and ethical right

to the kind of government they vote for. Not just for me but for them


The major point I wish to make is WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP. We know in

our bones and in our heart that unless we give up we will prevail.

Nothing can stop us. And that is why we go from one election to the



I know we may all be looking for a rest after this election. We have

worked so hard and in many ways. But I must say that win or lose, our

work is NOT OVER. We all know about the RINO phenomena. Examples

like Liz Cheny, Adam Kinzinger, Mit Romney, and Mitch McConnell.

We cannot and will not depend on campaign promises. We want

action. And we want it NOW.

When we lose we must take the next step and research what went

wrong and how we can do better next time. Ask ourselves what we can

do in the meantime to prevent our continual destruction through

possible legislative and court action.

It is at this writing, October 26 th . No one knows for certain what the

next election will bring us. But one thing we do know which will never

change. Sometime, someway, and somehow, WE WILL PREVAIL.

I will close with a quote from Saint Padre Pio who said “Pray, Hope, and

Don’t Worry”. Remember, God is on our side.


Hayden's Legislative Update

 Here is a full status of the bills we have been following with some resequencing.
Since July 1, Nusulini has signed a total of over 500 bills, many in this last week.
Items with asterisk * have changed from prior week.- Double asterisk ** I consider very important. 
Note that most bills flagged I consider bad for us and the state.  
 If you need more explanation on a specific bill, just email me and ask.
 I encourage you to voice your opinion to the appropriate parties  Even inactive bills can be revitalized. 
*NOTE; Added AB1766, SB1364, SB951, SB1013, SB1046
*SB70 Forces kindergarten before 1st grade attendance -Vetoed 9/25/22
AB2077 Increase monthly Medi-Cal maint fee from $35 to $80 -vetoed -9/27/22 
**SB1302 Funding public school wellness cntrs including birth control & inoculations -vetoed -9/27/22
AB2632 (Holden) Limits to length of solitary confinement -vetoed -9/29/22
SB222 Special budget of drinkable & potable water for poor families -vetoed -9/28/22 
SB457 (Portantino)Tax credit up to $2,500 per family to not own a gas-powered car - vetoed -9/28/22
AB1717 Increase wages for public works projects -vetoed -9/28/22
SB1066 $1000 per month to eligible farmworker families affected by drought -vetoed -9/29/22
SB1364 Obstacles for businesses serving UC system-vetoed -9/29/22
*AB1766 Change Cal ID to mask undocumented -signed 9/23/22
21 other bills mostly superfluous -signed 9/23/22 -8 vetoed
SB972 Reduce restrictions on street vendors, but still can fine -signed -9/23/22
30 bills mostly superfluous -signed 9/25/22-17 vetoed
6 bills mostly superfluous -signed 9/26/22
*SB1013 $.25 "rebate" tax on all wine & liquor bottles in 2024 -signed 9/27/22
52 bills mostly superfluous -signed 9/27/22 -29 vetoed
**AB2011 "Affordable" hsng w/union wages and many flaws - signed -9/28/22
**SB6 Rezoning for "affordable housing"-local gov. override -signed -9/28/22
43 bills mostly superfluous -signed 9/28//22 -24 vetoed 
118 bills mostly superfluous -signed 9/29/22 -47 vetoed
*SB1046 No more non-recyclable bags in 2025 -signed 9/30/22
unknown number of bills on last day -signed 9/30/22 -unknown no. vetoed
**AB2098 Censure for Doctors giving alternate to Vaccine Covid info -signed -9/30/22
AB2229 Added test on police officers for bias on race/sexual orientation -signed -9/30/22 
**SB731 Ability to remove conviction record for a felony -signed -9/29/22
**SB960 Allow non-citizens to become police officers -signed -9/29/22
**SB1157 Water rationing at provider level -signed -9/28/22
SB1228 (Weiner) Stop using DNA from rape victims -signed -9/29/22
SB1271 Oversight comm on contracts over $25 million -
**AB1797 Data collection on kids by race/ethnicity -signed -9/27/22
**SB107 (Weiner) Condones gender-affecting healthcare -signed -9/29/22    SB1172 Curtails biometric data collection of students -signed -9/28/22
**SB1419 Bars parents from child's records on "sensitive services" -signed -9/30/22
SB1479 Schools must continue testing & quarantine protocols -signed -9/29/22
AB1666 No civil action for anti-abortion laws in other states -signed by Nusulini 6/24/22
**AB2223 Abortion or Infanticide no longer criminal -signed -9/27/22
**SB245 Expanding Abortion in CA -signed by Nusulini 3-22-22 
**SB1142 Funding Abortion Tourism from other states -signed -9/27/22
**SB 1375 Abortions with nurses-no doctor -signed -9/27/22
*/**AB257 (Holden) Committee to force standards for fast food workers on hours, wages, etc. -signed 9/5/22
AB2183 Authorize Union bargaining rights without a polling place election -signed -9/28/22
AB2188 Prevents employer from firing employee for use of cannabis off job -signed -9/18/22
SB951 (Weiner) Increase amount of paid leave for low income in 2025 -signed 9/30/22
SB1020 Moves up all renewable electricity from 2045 to 2035 -signed -9/16/22
SB1044 Allows employees to leave work/not show up if they feel unsafe -signed -9/29/22
SB1137 No new drilling within 3200 feet of homes, etc. -signed -9/16/22
SB1162 More redundant reporting & wage adjustments -signed -9/27/22



The Harbinger of Hope


“Be still my heart, do not become overanxious, wait, pray, let each day come and each day go as time slowly brings the day of destiny.  The polls, ever changing, are now the harbinger of hope.  Let us be vigilant for a new dawn brings long awaited change as the future of our Country shall be torn away from those who whose loyalty lies not in the sovereignty and strength of this great Nation, nor in the wellbeing of its Citizens.  Let us anticipate the bells of liberty will once again be heard across the nation.”          Carolyn L. Gonzales


The people have been awakened. Hallelujah!

Across America, across political parties, across socio-economic status, and across the lines of race, ethnicity, culture, and religions, the veil has been removed: the people can now see.  

Inflation has scared and scarred every family.  Overwhelmed by exorbitant food costs and gasoline prices, housing, interest rates, and the scarcity of grocery and other mainstay products, America’s people have been tormented by intense suffering as they struggle to manage their day to day living.

The entrapment of Ukraine putting America on the bubble of a nuclear war with Russia, and a President whose mental cognitive state is questionable leaves a Country that is depleting not only its arsenal of weapons but also depleting its strategic oil reserve to force a faux reduction in the cost of gasoline for the political survival of the Democratic Party in the upcoming election.  Biden also begs Saudi Arabia to postpone raising the cost of oil until after the election; he was embarrassingly denied his political request.

The Open Borders fiasco in unconscionable.  

America has been forced to see the inherent catastrophe that now looms as both Houses of Congress continue to be Democrat majorities; this must change, and it must be changed on November 8, 2022.  Republicans must win both the House and the Senate to stop this runaway upheaval.  

Republican President, Abraham Lincoln on September 2, 1858, said, “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”  The people are no longer fooled.

Let us pray the election will be without fraud and cheating.  Let us pray that Americans, have come to their senses, and let us pray, the polls today are the harbinger of hope and redemption.

Dear Lord, hear our prayers.

Carolyn Gonzales


Membership & Reservations:

The past couple of years has been a maze for us all, trying to navigate COVID issues, rising inflation and change of venue. In addition, MVRC invested in our headquarters and get out the vote for the 2022 election; now we need to build back our reserves in preparation for the 2024 election! 

Dues are due January of each year. Please be prepared to renew your 2023 dues at the January meeting. If you joined recently, we will gladly adjust the portion of the year due. 

While dues have not increased, dinner meeting costs have gone up $5. While we try to keep the cost of our meetings as low as possible, we will have to raise it to $25/members & $30 for non-members. The survey taken at our September meeting showed most members want a dinner venue that is close to the center of our club community.


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