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Another Legislative By-Pass of Due Process

The budget for 2023-24 in California includes $3 MILLION in funding to reinstate the Industrial Welfare Commission. This was a commission that was defunded in 2004 by the super majority to stop the governor from changing union-supported work rules. Now they are reinstating it to bypass the litigation on the 2022-AB257 law passed by them and signed by Newsom. This way, even if in November the voters say they don't want the commission to "review the wages, hours and benefits" of fast food workers, this review and proposal will happen anyway.

What utter duplicity on the part of a California legislature that obviously thinks they know better than the voting public what is good for one and all. Either "commission" will obviously think wages and benefits are too low. This will result in higher wages for some and higher prices for all who partake in fast food.

Read the editorial in Inland Valley Daily Bulletin opinion section to understand why we all must contact our representatives and tell them to take this resurrection and funding out of the budget they have just passed. A budget that is filled with "trailer bills" allows for specific spending without the knowledge or approval of the taxpayers.

From our Legislative Expert: Hayden Lening, Claremont

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