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Why We Support Trump

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

It is perfectly normal that the Democrats, CNN, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, George Soros and Antifa should be opposed to Donald Trump and should seek to beat him in the next election cycle. The unceasing attempt to de-legitimize his presidency is extraordinary. But what truly shocks this author is the subversion of the Trump agenda by the #NEVERTRUMP Republican cabal, from Jonah Goldberg to Paul Ryan and from William Kristol to Mitt Romney. That Trump was not their first-choice candidate is understandable; that they treat him as something akin to the antichrist, worthy of jettisoning in favor of a Hillary, an Elizabeth or a Bernie, is insane.

But let us accept the burden, however unjust, of justifying our support for the President. Why are we such deplorable morons that we would support a vulgar, loudmouthed buffoon like Trump?

It’s very simple. We want our country back. The radical Democrats are doing their best to destroy our constitutional republic, while the establishment Republicans have disappointed us, over and over again.

-By Howard HydeIt

We want our taxes cut; we want the regulatory burden lightened; we want businesses to thrive and grow, because we understand that this is how our own wages, salaries, jobs and entrepreneurial prospects will increase. We want the closed mills and factories of the heartland Midwest, and from sea to shining sea, to re-open. We want to get off opioids without committing suicide. We want inexpensive energy, affordable housing, safe neighborhoods, a functioning medical system and good education for our kids. We want back the prosperous, creative and confident America that we remember.

This may come as a shock to the American elites of both parties, but we really do want to Make America Great Again (but I’m getting ahead of myself).

The Democrats have demonstrated that they are worthless, or worse, for any of this. Everything they do makes energy (and consequently every other product and service in the entire economy) more expensive. They talk a good game about their concern for the environment, but the environments where they actually govern are literally mired in filth, human excrement, used hypodermic needles and encampments of drug-addicted homeless, who carry medieval plague diseases on the streets of San Francisco and Los Angeles. Their micro-management of markets causes them to seize up like the clogged freeways that they can’t improve because they have made energy outrageously expensive and insist that all contracts go to the most expensive crony union shops. They banned real medical insurance policies that cost $500 a month to replace them with forced, dysfunctional schemes costing $2500 per month for us middle- and working-class chumps who pay, in order to subsidize the social cost of delivering illegal alien anchor babies.

So we turn to the Republicans for relief. After all, Ronald Reagan gave us Seven Fat Years and Morning in America; he defeated inflation, unemployment, economic malaise and the Soviet Union.

We would be perfectly happy to elect a clean-cut, polite Republican with a respectable pedigree, if we could find one who would fight back against the radical left and deliver the goods.

But the elites of the Republican party, like elites everywhere, have disappointed us for decades. They are not the ones who gave us Ronald Reagan; in fact, they actively opposed him in 1976. They gave us instead Nelson Rockefellor, Gerald Ford and George Herbert Walker Bush. The latter started dismantling Reagan’s fiscal policy almost immediately with his reneging on his emphatic “Read my lips; No New Taxes” campaign pledge.

Nevertheless, we the grassroots, we the rank-and-file, working Republicans, supported him, even as we yearned to get a Reaganesque candidate next time.

The elites next gave us Bob Dole. We sighed, but we supported him. He lost to Bill Clinton on the strength of Newt Gingrich’s economy.

The elites gave us George W. Bush. We were skeptical, but fell in line. We were relieved to have him instead of Gore when 9/11 came and we threw our full support behind him against the Vietnam fraudster John Kerry.

The elites gave us John McCain. We groaned, but threw our support behind him in turn.

To oppose Barack Obama, the architect of socialized national health care, the establishment elites gave us Mitt Romney, the architect of socialized health care for the state of Massachusetts. We cringed. BUT WE LOYALLY SUPPORTED HIM.

And all the while, the radical left took over the Democratic Party, the public education system, the universities, the news media and the Deep State, which has become their unconstitutional base of arbitrary and tyrannical power against those Americans who have the temerity to behave as if we still had a Bill of Rights. Democrats of the stripe of Joe Liberman, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, or John F. Kennedy now have no place in the party they once called home.

Now it’s 2016 and along comes Trump. He’s crass. He’s brash. He’s impolite. He’s foul-mouthed. He’s a joke. But for some “inexplicable” reason, the people like him and take him seriously, at his word. He breaks all the rules (including the rule, Thou Shalt Pay Handsome Fees to Establishment Political Consultants) and wins the nomination. A week does not go by without Trump saying or doing something which CCN and the #NEVERTRUMPers say is the last straw, that’s it, he’s finished. And every time this happens, Trump just gets stronger.

Trump wins the presidency and the left goes berserk, relentlessly throwing wave after wave of assaults on his legitimacy, week in and week out for almost three years straight. And a week does not go by without Trump saying or doing something which CCN and the #NEVERTRUMPers say is the last straw, that’s it, no sane person can possibly support him anymore. And every time this happens, Trump just gets stronger.

We gave the Party our unquestioning loyalty for 30 years and we were repeatedly disappointed, but when we finally get OUR guy for once, the elites tell us, Hell No, you can’t have HIM, not even for one term! McCain and Romney spit at more than half of the very people who voted for them (in McCain’s case, literally from the grave). Say What?

Bob Dole, to his credit, has endorsed Trump.

Like every president, Trump does some things which please us and some that please us less. But on net balance, against unimaginable odds, venomous opposition and corrupt obstruction, his policies have been a YUGE success, breaking generational records, benefitting Americans of all colors and creeds; and accomplished entirely within the legitimate, constitutional authority of the office of President of the United States.

Trump promised to Make America Great Again, and delivered. We are grateful. We want more. That’s why we support him, without shame or apology.

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