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Prop 1 -Guarantees the right to abortion in California. Bad because we have already passed a law to allow people from other states to come here and will help pay for procedures if they can't. Why not leave things as is? In case the voters want to ban abortion in this state now that the Supreme Court has put this responsibility back to the states where it belongs. Prop 26 - Allows betting on racing in 4 counties. It's bad because it imposes an additional 10% tax on all transactions which will supposedly be used to help people addicted to gambling. Let people gamble so they can then be counseled for free? That is terrible! Prop 27 -Allows phone betting on sports. It's bad because it is another tax that will supposedly help homelessness programs. Most people who deal with the homeless know that counseling is the first priority, not housing they can't maintain. Prop 28 -Provides up to $1 BILLION of state funding for music & art programs in public schools. It's bad because 80% of it would go to hiring more teachers and only 20% spent on training, supplies, and "education partnerships". Prop 29 -Requires doctors, nurses, or physician assistants (PA) to be present at all kidney dialysis treatments. It's bad because it would raise costs to the consumer for the treatments by adding union workers to existing staff. In many cases, these costs are paid by our tax dollars. Prop 30 -Raises state tax by 1.75% on all people making $2 million per year. It's bad because it supposedly will go for wildfire prevention programs, but mostly go to help people buy electric cars that will drain our power source and worsen the situation. Prop 31-Ignores the voter petition to invalidate the law banning flavored tobacco. It's bad because the law doesn't include vaping, only tobacco products. Please review and make your own decisions prior to receiving literature that will put these propositions passing in glowing terms.

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