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Since July 1, 2022, Newsom has signed Over 300 Bills

Waiting to be signed is a total of 31 bills that we are tracking and probably 100's more.

He has what is left of the month of September to sign or veto. Note that most bills flagged I consider bad for us and the state. If you need more explanation on a specific bill, just email me and ask. Beginning next week I'll be providing a weekly activity list.

*NOTE: Added AB1766, SB1364 SIGNED/VETOED BY NEWSOM IN SEPTEMBER **AB2449 Close meetings to the public due to "disruptions" -signed 9/13/22

**AB2559 - GOOD Credit check accessible to all landlords for 30 days -signed 9/13/22 15 other bills mostly superfluous signed by 9/15/22 -3 vetoed 29 other bills mostly superfluous signed 9/18/22 -8 vetoed

*AB351 Human remains into compost -signed 9/18/22 22 other bills mostly superfluous -signed 9/22/22 -7 vetoed

*AB1766 Change Cal ID to mask undocumented -signed 9/23/22 21 other bills mostly superfluous -signed 9/23/22 -8 vetoed

**SB1157 Water rationing at the provider level -ready for signature -9/13/22 PENDING JOB KILLER & BUSINESS KILLER BILLS AB2188 Prevents employer from firing employee for the use of cannabis off the job -signed -9/18/22 SB1020 Moves up all renewable electricity from 2045 to 2035 -signed -9/16/22 SB1137 No new drilling within 3200 feet of homes, etc. -signed -9/16/22 PENDING BILLS ON HOMELESSNESS-ACT state Program SB1338 CARE treatment for schizophrenics -signed -9/14/22

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