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SB84 Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant

So in January of 2022, the Democrats realized that their dream of total reliance on green power was behind schedule (just like the bullet train) and they introduced a bill to extend the life on the only remaining nuclear power plant in California past the former closing date of 2025. This bill made it to the Assembly in early July and fought through the environmentalists who swore it was dangerous. It finally made it to a vote after several amendments and was rushed through the voting process past the last-minute drop-dead date of August 31. After the September 1 vote, the emergency clause was requested and approved, it was presented to the governor and he signed it on September 2, which has extended the closure date to 2030.

Our state government in non-action until the 13th hour. Time to flush out these non-representatives and vote in fresh stock who actually represent their constituents instead of special interests.

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