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Mike McMahon vs his opponent

Hello Friends and Neighbors,

The Midterms are our opportunity to take back lost ground.

We need to FLOOD THE POLLS and let it be known the current direction, agenda, bills, and policies coming from Sacramento, do not represent our interests and are actually destructive.

To be clear, my opponent Voted YES on:

- SB2 (coauthored) which defunds the police and promotes leniency for criminals, putting a greater burden on law enforcement.

- AB5 which prohibits Californians from being their own boss by working for themselves. This strips us of our liberties and "pursuit of happiness" and supports Special Interest Groups.

- AB1184 which turns schools into medical clinics and allows 12-year-olds to receive medical treatments (ie. hormone treatment) using their parent's insurance without notification.

- AB2943 which forces doctors to affirm and encourage gender-change identity in kids under 18. Trying to talk them out of it, is considered manipulation and is now against the law.

- AB329 which mandates graphic sex-ed for children 2nd grade and up.

- AB979 which requires corporate boards to have "self-identified" "underrepresented" members. CRT is everywhere.

- SB9/SB10 which takes local control away from neighborhoods, benefiting corporate housing over single-family homes.

Not only would I have voted NO on all of these, but I would also have worked to find others to vote NO and get this information out to the public.

Midterms 2022 is our opportunity.

We need a California Red Wave.

A vote for me is a voice for you,

Vote for Mike McMahon for CA State Assembly District 41

Take Back Sacramento.

Thank you,

Michael McMahon

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