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Legislation Week of Aug 22nd

Not many updates since Saturday. These are the bills they seem to be pushing at the moment. They have until August 31 to have them enrolled and presented.

Items with an Asterisk * have changed from the prior week.

Items with a Double Asterisk ** ARE VERY IMPORTANT.

Items with NO in BLUE are bad legislation

Items with GOOD in RED are good legislation

If you need more explanation or details on a specific bill, email me at I encourage you to voice your opinion to the appropriate parties, even inactive bills can be revitalized.

Although the activity this week was reduced, there are at least 35 bills that we have been tracking that are ready for a floor vote plus hundreds of others that will wind up on the governor's desk by September 1. Once again, they will try to bury bad bills in the volume so we don't have a chance to review them. This new tactic is because the voters approved a bill several years ago that bills passed and "enrolled" had to have a 3-day grace period for review. Of course, if there are hundreds, it will be virtually impossible to review them all with their last-minute changes. Many of these bills could have been passed and enrolled much sooner, but that would have given everyone too much time to protest. Yet another way for the legislature to ignore the wishes of the voters they are supposed to represent.

FEDERAL PROBLEMS */**HR5376 Inflation non-reduction act -signed by Biden -8/17/22 */**US. Assembly Trump witch hunt continues using FBI */**Good AB2559 Credit check accessible to all landlords for 30 days -ready for 3rd reading and floor vote since -6/23/22 *AB263 (Holden) Limits to the length of solitary confinement -passed to Senate ready for a floor vote -8/18/22 */**SB300 Reduces the penalty for convicts associated with death by others -passed to Assembly and ready for a floor vote -8/15/22 *Good**Initiative to recall Gascon County- County Registrar's office found almost 200,000 signatures invalid but there is still a chance they can re-review the signatures. As they were following out-of-date procedures. *SB457 Tax credit $2,500 per family to not own a gas-powered car - past Assembly ready for a floor vote -8/15/22 */**SB519 (Weiner)Decriminalize LSD -passed to Assembly ready for a floor vote -8/16/22 */**SB960 Allows non-citizens to become police officers -ready for governor's signature -8/18/22

*SB972 Reduce restrictions on street vendors, but can still be fined -passed to Assembly ready for a floor vote -8/18/22

*SB1228 (Weiner)Stop using DNA from rape victims -passed to Assy ready for a floor vote -8/18/22 SIGNED/VETOED BY NEWSOM IN 2022 */**SB57 (Weiner)Drug injection sites in LA & Alameda Counties -ready for governor's signature -8/10/22


*/**AB1797 Data collection on kids by race/ethnicity -passed to Senate ready for a floor vote -8/18/22 */**SB1302 (Portantino) Funding public school wellness centers including birth control & inoculations -passed to Assembly ready for a floor vote -8/16/22 *SB1479 Schools must continue testing & quarantine protocols -passed to Assembly ready for a floor vote -8/18/22


PENDING JOB KILLER & BUSINESS KILLER BILLS *SB1044 Allows employees to leave work/not show up if they feel unsafe -passed to Assembly ready for a floor vote -8/16/22 *SB1162 More redundant reporting & wage adjustments -passed to Assembly, amended & ready for a floor vote -8/16/22 PENDING BILLS ON HOMELESSNESS-ACT state Program *SB1008 Funds for local law

to create Needs Teams -passed to Assembly ready for a floor vote -8/16/22 *SB1338 CARE treatment for schizophrenics -passed to Assembly ready for a floor vote -8/16/22 PENDING BILLS DISCOURAGING NO BID CONTRACTS *SB1271 Oversight commission on contracts over $25 million -passed to Assembly ready for a floor vote -8/16/22

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