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July 24th - Lots of Legislation

Items with an Asterisk * have changed from the prior week.

Items with a Double Asterisk ** ARE VERY IMPORTANT.

Items with NO in BLUE are bad legislation

Items with GOOD in RED are good legislation

If you need more explanation or details on a specific bill, email me at I encourage you to voice your opinion to the appropriate parties, even inactive bills can be revitalized.


**No Biden executive order to use federal sites for voter registration, effective early

June 2022

**Omnibus group of bills for 1.5 Trillion signed by Biden -3/15/22

**SR2938 Restrictive gun law signed by Biden -6/24/22

The US Assembly January 6 witch hunt continues

*/**Good HR140 Eliminate birthright for children of illegals -buried in Judicial subcommittee on citizenship -1-3-19

**HR550 Expanded inoculation tracking data nationwide currently in Senate -11/30/21

**HR1 Changing voting system for all states -passed House, in U.S. Senate -3/3/22

**HR3617 Legalize marijuana passed House, in U.S. Senate -4/1/22


NOTE: Added HR140, SB357, SB911, SB972, SB1066, SB1097, SB1327, several signed gun laws

** Good ACA4 Legislative Analyst to prepare title & summary statements, not yet in committee as of 2/18/21

** Good ACA9 Cancel Property "Death Tax" of Prop.19 still not heard in committee as of 5/4/21

**NO AB1227 Excise tax on guns & ammo -passed to Senate Appropriations Committee -6/29/22

** Good AB1599 Repeal Prop 47 of 2014, put more felonies back -failed passage in pubs comm -4/26/22

** Good AB1603 Reduce felony limits from $950 to $400 -being revised in Public Safety Committee -3/23/22

**AB1733 Close state meetings to the public - in Gov't committee, hearing postponed -4/20/22

AB1771 Adds another 25% tax on profits from recent home sales -amended in Revenue & Tax committee 4/26/22

AB1900 Reduce Medi-Cal copay for low-income people -passed Assembly, sent to Senate Appropriations comm suspense file -6/27/22

**AB1944 Close state meeting to the public -passed to Senate Govt comm hearing postponed. -6/22/22

**AB1993 Proof of Vaccination in order to work -in revision by authors -4/18/22

AB2063 Prohibits local fees for libraries & parks -amended in Appropriations committee -4/25/22

*AB2077 Increase monthly Medi-Cal maintenance fee from $35 to $80; passed Assembly to Senate Appropriations committee suspended file -6/20/22

**AB2098 Censure for Doctors providing alternate to Vaccine Covid info -passed to Senate Appropriations Committee -6/28/22

AB2229 Added test on police officers for bias on race/sexual-orientation -passed Assembly ready for Senate vote -6/2/22

**AB2289 Wealth Tax aimed at billionaires amended again in Revenue & Tax Committee -5/2/22

**ACA8 Wealth Tax funding amended again in Revenue & Tax Committee -5/2/22

AB2333 Hate crimes on police failed passage in Public Safety Committee -3/22/22

AB2408 Prevent social media from addicting youths passed to Senate Appropriations Committee -6/30/22

**AB2449 Closed meetings to the public due to "disruptions" passed to Senate Appropriations Committee but being postponed-7/13/22

**AB2539 Proof of C-19 Vaccine to enter public/private businesses ready for some committee -2/18/22

AB2589 $2,000 to poor families instead of economic reform passed to Senate Gov’t Committee -hearing canceled -6/28/22

AB2802 Carbon Tax for more billions -not yet heard in committee -2/19/22

** Good Initiative to allow school choice for parents -available for signatures

** Good Initiative to nullify Snatch & Grab - available for signatures

*/** NO SCA10 (Prop 1) CA Constitutional proposed amendment to OK abortion -ready for November ballot -6/29/22

** Good Initiative to recall Gascon - OK for November ballot

**SCA6 Change Recall replacement sent to Elections Committee 3-23-22

** Good SCR5 End Covid State of Emergency failed passage in Gov’t Org comm w/reconsideration -3/15/22

Good-SB39 Check prison records by EDD -held in Appr comm on submission 8/26/21

**SB57 Drug injection sites in Los Angeles & Alameda Counties ready for Assembly concurrence 6-30-22

Good-SB58 Forbid full use of SSN by EDD held in another Assembly committee under submission 8/26/21

Good-SB232 Implement state auditor’s proposals on EDD held in another Assembly committee 8/26/21

**SB505 Liability insurance for gun owners sent to Assembly Appropriations comm 6/29/22

**SB731 Ability to remove conviction record for a felony waiting Assembly concurrence on amends -6/30/22

**SB830 Funding to fight truancy, may have hidden agenda -passed to Assembly Education Committee -5/27/22

SB906 Parental disclosure of firearms ready for signature -6/30/22

*/**SB911 Oversight committee for info & finance to local media passed to Assembly Appropriations Committee -6/29/22

SB920 Examine records of physicians, surgeons & patients' hearing canceled by author -4/4/22

**SB960 Allow non-citizens to become police officers -passed to Assembly ready for floor vote -6/23/22

*SB972 Reduce restrictions on street vendors, but still can be fined passed to Assembly Appropriations Committee -6/30/22

Good SB 1045 (Melendez) Curriculum review by parents -Reconsideration granted in Education Committee 4/27/22

*SB1066 $1000 per month to eligible farmworker families affected by drought passed to Assembly Appropriations Committee amended -6/29/22

*SB1097 Increased warnings about marijuana passed; sent to Assembly Appropriations Committee -6/22/22

**SB1157 Water rationing at provider level passed; sent to Assembly Appropriations Committee -6/16/22

SB1228 Stop using DNA from rape victims passed; sent to Assembly Appropriations Committee file -6/22/22

SB1390 Oversight all social media for "misinformation" Judicial Committee hearing canceled-4/21/22

**SB1464 All Law Enforcement persons to enforce public health orders sent to Health Committee hearing postponed -4/19/22-MB

SB1479 Schools must continue testing & quarantine protocols -passed to Assembly Appropriations Committee -6/22/22


*AB1668 Add members from Inland Empire, etc. to Mental Health Services Commission -vetoed by Nusulini 6/21/22

*SB357 Loitering for prostitution no longer a crime signed 7/1/22

AB1594 All governments can sue gun manufacturers when a gun(s) is/are used in a crime signed 7/12/22

AB228 CA Justice Dept to inspect gun dealers every 3 years signed 7/21/22

AB1842 Dealer cannot charge more than 5% for restocking fee on returns within 10 days signed 7/21/22

AB2239 Convicted child/elderly abusers can't own a gun for 10 years after conviction signed 7/21/22

SB915 Guns, ammo & ancillaries can't be sold on state property signed 7/21/22

*SB1327 Bans all assault weapons as designated by the state-signed 7/22/22 -will go to court

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