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July 15 Update

Items with an Asterisk * have changed from the prior week.

Items with a Double Asterisk ** Are VERY important.

Items with NO in BLUE are bad legislation

Items with GOOD in RED are good legislation

If you need more explanation on a specific bill, just email me at and ask and I will provide more details. I encourage you to voice your opinion to the appropriate parties, even inactive bills can be revitalized. There was very little activity this week. Look for more in next week's update. Many bills are still in both appropriations committees. Many bills for homeless assistance have not moved for some time. Many bills have been sent to the Secretary of State for review and possible elimination but still have not been addressed.

FEDERAL PROBLEMS **NO - Biden executive order to use federal sites for voter registration -effective early June 2022 -action pending

Just Added

GOOD - HR140 Eliminate birthright for children of illegals is buried in Judicial subcommittee on citizenship -1-3-19 */**AB2449 Closed meetings to the public due to "disruptions" passed to Senate Appropriations Committee but being postponed-7/130/22

**AB2539 Proof of C-19 Vaccine to enter public/private businesses ready for some comm -2/18/22

AB2589 $2,000 to poor families instead of economic reform has passed to Senate Gov't Committee-hearing canceled -6/28/22

AB2802 Carbon Tax for more billions -not yet heard in comm -2/19/22 ** GOOD - initiative to allow school choice for parents -available for signatures ** GOOD - Initiative to nullify Snatch & Grab - available for signatures

*/**SCA10 (Prop 1) CA Constitutional proposed amendment to OK abortion -ready for November ballot -6/29/22 ** GOOD -Initiative to recall Gascon, enough verified signatures were collected -

OK for November ballot *SB1066 $1000 per month to eligible farmworker families affected by drought -passed to Assy Appro comm amended -6/29/22 SB1228 Stop using DNA from rape victims -passed to Assy Appro comm suspense file -6/22/22 INACTIVE FILE (FOR NOW) AB455 Bridge Transit & Covid-19 was gutted for Covid, to suspense file in Senate Appropriations Committee -6/27/22

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