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HR 3339 National Infrastructure Banking aka Public Banking

This is something that is being pushed at all levels of government, city, state & federal. HR 3339 is exactly that, the National Infrastructure Banking (NIB) on the federal level. If you are not familiar with what public banking is, here are a couple of very informative links to educate yourself. This is not a financially sound option as it will leave many already over-taxed citizens paying the bill for the defaulted loan recipients. Some of their ideas such as postal banking want to re-implement some of the same policies that President Roosevelt used to get the country out of the great depression. This will takes us backward, not move us forward in a positive and financially sound direction. Please watch the videos Public Banking 101 and read the articles about postal banking, as well as the articles about Public Banking 201. This is most definitely an eye-opener and must be paid close attention to.

Photograph from 1941 when Post Offices began offering financial services

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