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Don't Think This Can't Happen Again - SB9 & 10 laws & the State's removal of local powers for cities

This may seem like ages ago, literally 3 generations, but don't fool yourself if you think it can't happen again. The state is attempting to do exactly that. They want to remove the citizens' power to own private property and this time build homes for the extremely low socio-economic, primarily people of color. SB9 & 10 have begun the necessary evil processes that allow the state to supersede the power of local municipalities, fast track ADUs (additional dwelling units), removed the traffic, and EIR (Environmental Impact Report) requirements that normally accompany such real estate development projects. The only difference is there will be NO reparations.

In the 1950s Palm Springs, a close-knit community of Black and Latino residents lived in an area near downtown known as Section 14. But as the city grew into a popular resort destination, local authorities began to see it as a nuisance. Between 1954 and 1966, they evicted residents, seized homes, and tore the neighborhood down. Hotels, spas, and casinos rose in their place. Caitlin Yoshiko Kandil told the story of Section 14 in an article on the push for reparations in California. The Guardian

$223,239, $124,678, $127,226: The state's reparations task force is starting to talk numbers. CalMatters

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