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Covidnesia, a hybrid of Covid and Amnesia, is exactly what the Democratic playbook is calling for. They suggest two ways of putting the Covid pandemic behind us.

One is to “declare victory over the war” and move on. The other is with Covidnesia, that is to completely forget about the past two years of suffering and rejoice in our new found freedoms, (in some places). Democrats have wisely decided that their hyper-restrictionist ways were risking their political fortunes.

I guess they are counting on our short memories to get them past the November finish line.

Here are a list of items (44) you can print down and tape to your bathroom drug cabinet as a remedy for the onset of Covidnesia.
  1. School closures that cost a generation two years of learning.

  2. Increase in Teen suicides, alcohol and drug abuse.

  3. Hospitals mostly closed to people without a Covid related malady.

  4. Elective surgeries and even life-saving surgeries delayed because it did not involve Covid. (Hospitals preferred profit making Covid patients.)

  5. Preventable nursing home deaths by keeping Covid patients out of the nursing homes.

  6. Dentistry practice was eliminated for several months unnecessarily.

  7. Hair salons were closed leaving us to fend for ourselves or simply embrace a slovenly appearance.

  8. Stay at home mandates.

  9. Church closures – No liturgical services, no weddings and no funerals.

  10. Many business closures

  11. Bankruptcies

  12. Play-ground closures

  13. Gym Closures.

  14. Beach closures.

  15. Travel Restrictions

  16. Lay-offs and firings.

  17. Mask Mandates

  18. Social distance mandates

  19. Record drug related deaths

  20. Mass depression

  21. Walmarts opened, small businesses not allowed to open.

  22. Labor force dropouts

  23. Movies and Theaters closed.

  24. Entertainment events cancelled.

  25. The Fauci ineptitude and mis-calculations

  26. Lost jobs due to vaccine unconstitutional mandates

  27. Inaccuracies of the PCR test

  28. Misclassification of Covid deaths

  29. Billions and Trillions of misdirected tax payer funds

  30. Dividing the nation into essential and non-essential workers.

  31. The unaccountable part China played in this deadly virus.

  32. Deadly use of ventilators

  33. Neglect of effective therapeutics

  34. Social media banning of any meaningful discussion that might be anti Fauci.

  35. Banning talk of natural immunity.

  36. Overselling the effectiveness of the vaccines.

  37. Lost Religious Holidays

  38. Lonely deaths blocking loved ones at their side.

  39. Censorship of scientific evidence.

  40. Manipulated and hidden CDC data.

  41. Payments to major media (what they can and cannot say)

  42. The nefarious relationship between the government and big tech.

  43. The demonization of dissent

  44. The abuse of emergency powers.

The unrepentant hegemon that gave us this disaster is not interested in exoneration or forgiveness. They just want your Covidnesia to firmly take root in our brains. Like it never ever happened. To which the intelligent voters will say: NOT ON YOUR LIFE!

Note: Paraphrased from Epoch Times Opinion – March, 2022.

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