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Having attended the CAGOP convention for the first time, I was impressed with the quality of our Republican candidates! There are so many experienced, articulate, passionate Republicans that it was truly difficult to decide whom to endorse. I started thinking how much I wanted to provide our MVRC members with guidelines for voting in the primary; and yet there are constraints with regards to how I/we can endorse individual candidates. I hope the following perspectives are helpful:

Remember the “Top 2” California election law!

Top Two Primary. In June 2010, California voters approved Proposition 14. This measure establishes a top-two primary system to elect state officers (such as the Governor and members of the Legislature) and members of the U.S. Congress. Under this system, all candidates for an office are listed on the same primary election ballot given to every voter. The two candidates with the highest number of primary votes—regardless of their party preferences—advance to compete in the general election.

Unfair as it is, because of this:

We Republicans must be very savvy in how we vote. To ensure a Republican gets on the ballot for every race in November (not 2 Democrats), we need to think strategically. Try to look beyond an exhilarating message and discern which candidate also has the experience and endorsements to get enough primary votes… and ultimately get a Republican on the November ballot.

I have provided a link to the candidates recently endorsed by the CAGOP at our convention in Anaheim. However, there are other groups & respected individuals who have also made endorsements. I will send more as I receive them. Take the time to click on these links. They are not in any preferred order or an implied endorsement by MVRC.

We need to focus on candidates who have the potential to WIN in June and thus to be on the November ballot. So, while each of us might have a particular fondness for a certain candidate, please consider the electability as you vote in the primary. And volunteer!!!

CaGOP Endorsements

CRA Endorsements

La-Times endorses GOP Candidate Lanhee Chen for Controller

Always remember “DYOR” Do your own research on candidates.

Our speakers this month are two exceptional candidates:

  • Mike Cargile, running for Congress 35thDistrict against Norma Torres

  • Wes Hallman, running for Congress 28thDistrict against Judy Chu

They are running for office in districts that incorporate our club membership; MVRC membership runs from East San Gabriel Valley to Rancho. They have specifically asked for our support in some of our communities. As Republicans, we must help get Republicans elected in our neighboring districts. Only by helping elect Republicans across the state can Republican issues WIN! So, please step up and volunteer to walk, make phone calls, or donate to our candidates!

Here are additional candidates who have reached out to MVRC and asked for support:

  • Mark Meuser, who spoke to MVRC last fall, is running for US Senate against Alex Padilla and was just endorsed by the CAGOP

  • Johnny Nalbandian running for Congress 30thDistrict against Adam Schiff

  • Burton Brink, State Assembly 49thDistrict

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