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California puts Lipstick on its porcine IT Project

Good editorial from Dan Walters in Inland Valley Daily Bulletin on Thursday, September 29th.

He again exposes how tech-savvy Sacramento still can't produce a combined single program for managing state finances AFTER 18 YEARS & OVER $1 BILLION.

Several state auditors have tried without success and now a trailer bill in the state budget will reduce the state Auditor's role in oversight and give the controller's office 10 more years to complete this long overdue project. It seems obvious to me that Sacramento never wants to see the actual financial state we are in. This way they can ignore the full extent of what they owe vs. their income from taxes & fees. It is beyond time to unseat the supermajority and force debate and change to a system that is filled with flaws, subterfuge, and hidden agendas of special interest groups.

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