Knowledge is Power

The advent of the internet which means knowledge literally at your fingertips, we as Conservatives are now the NEW counter culture in this nation, but especially in California. This section is to give you the wisdom that is needed. I chose to use video over reading because you can listen to a video while going about your day, plus you can listen as many times as needed to grasp the wisdom and knowledge of the person on the video.

You may or may not have put on the uniform of our military (we are grateful to those who have) but we are in a battle for the very soul of our nation. Do your children, grandchildren deserve to live in the same country with the same freedoms you enjoyed? Do you know what is behind the tactics that are used against Conservatism? Do you know how to combat them? If you don’t understand the what and how of something you will walk away defeated. MVRC wants all of our members to have the knowledge and understanding so we can stand up and let our voice be heard.

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