The Mountain View Republican Club (MVRC) is an all volunteer organization and part of the California Republican Party and is an official Republican Party Organization.


The mission of the MT. View Republican Club is to promote the ideals and principles of the Republican Party; support Republican candidates; educate and inform its’ members of current legislative issues and concerns; and to perpetuate a recognizable presence in the communities it represents.

Members fulfill the Mission of the Mt. View Republican Club:


        • Register Republican Voters!


        • Provide assistance, education, and information to Republican Voters!


        • Coordinate and execute local Republican campaigns.


        • Fundraise


        • Participate in local, state and national debates.


What We Value


        • Personal Freedom & Responsibility


        • Truth in Government


        • Free Markets


        • American Sovereignty


        • Local Control of Education, Water, Land, Natural Resources


        • Property Rights


Who We Are

Membership is open to all registered Republicans. Members must accept MVRC mission and purpose, and pay current dues.

General meetings are held on the 2th Monday of each month. Speakers include political leaders; authors, experts on various issues, new laws, etc.

In election years, the MVRC opens and manages a local headquarters to support Republican candidates.

The MVRC, networks with other Republican organizations to enhance its participation in political venues, rallies and conferences.

The MVRC is a conservative minded, actively engaged organization. It is Grassroots driven, results oriented.

Members represent communities in San Gabriel/Pomona Valleys and the Inland Empire!

It’s Your Voice, Use it or Lose it!