From My Prospective


All in God’s timing!  How many times have I repeated those four words in my lifetime, relying on them to guide me through thick and thin; counsel me as I wrestle with important or emotional decisions.  In 2018, they again have brought me solace and peace.  In 2018, for the first time in eight years, I will step down from a recognized position on the Board of the Mountain View Republican Club.

I have been a member of the Board in various capacities for the last eight years; President, Vice President, Special Projects Chair, Communications/Programming and Legislative Review Chair.  I thoroughly enjoyed every one of those years and positions.  Then there came a time when I  would often wonder if I would ever be happy not being on the Board; and so I just left it in God’s hands, He would let me know when it was time.

You see, from the first time, I walked into my first meeting of the Mt. View Republican Club, at the Village Grill, I fell in love with this Club.  It was not as large as it is today, nor was it as politically active as it is today, but there was spirit, and fight, and honor, and I could envision the growth and accomplishment of the Club.  I was smitten!

In the ensuing years, that vision has come to pass, each President has led the Club with her or his own special flair and talent.  We have all taken the “leap” to accept the nomination of President.  We did not know exactly what we would do, but we all shared a vision, and each in our own way, discovered more about us than we ever expected.

The members of the Club are the heart of its existence; each and every one has contributed and continues to contribute to its success.  There are those who volunteer at election time; those who volunteer at the meetings, and those who faithfully come to the meetings.  All are contributing to the success of the Club.

Those who come to the meetings regularly; thank you, thank you.  Your presence is vital.  It conveys to the speaker that we have members who care, and who are informed, and because of that we have been able to bring in some very interesting speakers, and we have grown to know and care for one another. Never underestimate the importance of your presence at the meetings.

For those who enjoy volunteering, thank you, thank you, for your extra time put forth; it is amazing what the Club has accomplished because of your efforts in election years, and throughout  every year.  “Many hands make little work” thank you for taking on some of the things that must get done, and allowing our Club to be recognized as a Club that does gets things done.

My love for this Club remains strong; which was why I wondered if I could ever not be a Board Member.  But, in “God’s timing” it became less of a major decision.  The answer was always in front of me:  we serve at the pleasure of the membership, and in time, we must make way for new people to serve, to discover their talents and contributions, and we shift from serving on the Board to serving as a member.

“All in God’s timing”… thank you Mt. View Republican Club for a wonderful eight years serving on your Board.  The time has come to  make this change and it is good. I shall continue to write “From My Perspective; my last formal responsibility will be  the Grand Gala honoring our Military on March 10.    God bless our new Board; God bless our beloved Club.