President Message

December 2017

I’ve started to write this message a dozen times and up until tonight I wasn’t quite sure how to bring an end to the last three years of my service to this club. The Mt. View Republicans has given me far more than I could have ever imagined. The strength to let my voice be heard, the courage to speak out against the evil the liberal left wants us to accept, a spirit to fight for justice in a lawless state and most of all an ability to lead an army of volunteers to join the conservative movement.

The first part of the year we found ourselves still celebrating the election of Donald J Trump as our 45th President. Several of us traveled to Washington DC to witness this miracle unfold on January 20th . We introduced all the crazy legislation that was being proposed by the Super Left majority in Sacramento. We  learned how to follow a bill, how to become pro-active, call our representatives and let them know we would no longer sit quietly by and let them destroy our state.

We had record donations for shirts and hats that praised our President and blessed America, #MAGA. Helped friends get elected to City Councils and brought attention to our council members by educating them on upcoming issues and speaking out against unjust taxation and unfair legislation. We took on SCAG and CCA’s and Rino’s who voted for Cap N Trade.2018 is going to bring a new fight to take back our state, to “Make California Red Again”. The Election Integrity Project has just filed suit against the State of California for documented voter fraud. We have two viable candidates for Governor, but as I said earlier this year, to be part of the Top Two there can be JUST ONE. We need to eliminate the multitude of minions who think they have a chance of winning. All they are doing is diluting the voting pool and guaranteeing that the top two will be Democrats. We need to get behind one candidate and only one. We did it with Trump, we can do it again.

So, we challenge the candidates to agree to come forward and answer our questions, we want to know where they stand on ALL the ISSUES. Start listening to the people and hear what really matters to us. On January 4th the Redlands Tea Party Patriots will present the first Republican Governors debate. Free tickets will be available on Event Brite. Please note that a ticket will be needed to attend. Look for an announcement coming soon.

We have one candidate running for the Secretary of State, Mark Meuser. Mark’s main goal is to unseat Alex Padilla and immediately demand an investigation into the voter rolls of every county in California. David Hernandez is running for Lt Governor. We need to have someone with integrity and willing to do what is needed to shape the future for California. I believe David is that person.We have a challenger for Sheriff of LAC and his name is Bob Lindsey. It would be nice to have another Sheriffs  forum to discuss the problems plaguing Los Angeles County and what can be done to enforce the laws. Poor legislation and an inability to stand up to the Board of Supervisors has weakened our strength on the street and the respect our law enforcement deserve.

Our good friend and fellow patriot Tim Donnelly will need our help with phone banking and walking if you can. He’s challenging Paul Cook in the 8th Congressional District. Paul has made some very questionable votes and supported Chad Mayes’ betrayal of people he represented.

There are many Democrats running for reelection and no Republicans running against them. We need to encourage Republicans to step up and at least educate the public about the taxation without representation happening throughout out state, especially against Senator Robert Hertzberg in the 18th District. I know it’s on the westside, but we can help by picking up a phone. We are hoping that the first few months will be devoted to introducing you to all the candidates running throughout our state, counties, districts and cities. Candidate Travis Allen will be our first speaker on Monday, January 8 th . And please mark your calendars and plan to attend our Grand Gala and Salute to our military veterans on March 10th , 2018. More information next year.

I hope you will join me in welcoming our new President, Jack Mercica. Jack is a seasoned speaker and dedicated to continuing the progress our club has gained over the last ten years. We have an excellent group of returning members to continue making our club run smoothly and you’ll have a new face greeting you at check-in, Joann Webb will be taking over the front desk. Wendy Gish will be taking over communications, but we made Carolyn Gonzales promise to continue writing her column, From My Prospective. So, my friends I step down knowing that I am leaving the future of the Mt View Republican Club in capable hands and hopefully stronger than ever. This is where I call on you all to do what you do best, show up, speak out and fight for our conservative values.

God Bless you all and God Bless the Mt. View Republicans. It has been my sincere honor and privilege to serve you, the heart of who we are

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year